Three Changes I’m Making in the New Year

personal Jan 05, 2022

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Hey, hey, Happy New Year! I hope your year is off to a good start. I’m not big on creating resolutions for the new year, but I do like to evaluate what changes to make. In Dream Big, Bob Goff says that he quits something different every Thursday. I’m not going that far, but I like the idea of considering what to quit and what to add. Here are three changes I’m making in the new year.

#1: More Writing, Less Podcasts

Last July we started the Life Calling Today podcast, and it has been thrilling to speak with interesting guests about their life experiences. We wrapped up 2021 with an episode sharing highlights from all 12 guests. In 2021, we published a new show every week, alternating between a guest episode and a solo episode.

I liked the consistency but unfortunately, it gave me less time to write when combined with other creative work. Many of you started following me because of blogs and resources, and I got away from that. Plus, I LOVE TO WRITE.

When unexpected free time appears, that’s what I think of doing first. And when I ask myself, “What do you want more time to do?” the answer is to write. Writing is not only a way to express ideas and connections, but it’s also a strategic way of helping people.

Bestselling author Mark Batterson writes:

“The way I see it, books are my way of spending five hours with anybody, anywhere, anytime…There is tremendous value in meeting with someone one on one, but my time is multiplied only by a factor of one. With books [and blogs], my time is multiplied by the total number of readers.” (Win the Day)

So, here’s the change—publish guest podcasts twice per month and publish blog posts and resources twice per month.

#2: More Focus, Less Distractions

My friend and coach Dr. Dave White got me thinking about how I spend my time. During our most recent podcast interview to kick off the New Year, I asked if there are any rituals that he does to start a new year. He said that what we schedule shows what we value, so first thing, he blocks off time on his calendar for his priorities.

It’s true—our calendars reflect our hearts, and our calendars reflect how we spend our time. Time is interesting, isn’t it?

  • Time is something we can’t get back
  • Time is something we wish we had more of
  • Time is something we all have the same amount of
  • Some people treat their time better than others

I want to be wise with my time, a good steward with the time I’ve been given. A book that helps with this is called, “Redeeming Your Time,” by Jordan Raynor. It’s not only deeply principled and provocative, but it’s deeply practical. (That sounds like something off the book jacket but it’s what I think.)

It’s not a new idea to match your time with your values. Teresa McCloy and her REALIFE Process® moved me along this path and I’m grateful. (Teresa has a book coming out this year and it'll be incredible.)

Raynor took me farther down the path with more practical suggestions and tactics, showing how to connect your tasks and to-dos with your mission and calling. In the end, the work I accomplish is a matter of how I spend my time. If I kept the end in mind, how would that change how I spend my minutes?

So, here’s the change—apply time management principles that keep my calendar aligned with my mission and calling.

#3: More Life Calling Programs, Less Other Stuff

If you’ve followed my journey over the past few years, you’ve seen me take up the topic of life calling. This interest was a combination of:

  • Listening to my own discontent
  • Following where the framework led me
  • Evolving from what my work had been
  • Seeing the needs of others that I could fill

That led to several big moves like:

  • Changing jobs from software marketing to human resources
  • Getting certified in coaching and personality assessments
  • Starting a side business for personal development
  • Resigning from my full-time job to being fully self-employed

Now I’m four months in and I’m loving where this journey has led. It’s kind of an experiment: After working two jobs and juggling time, priorities, and relationships, what could we accomplish if we narrowed down to just one job? What could we produce under one singular focus?

This is where strategic time management matters. You know, life brings all kinds of forces vying for your time. And some opportunities look good just to keep the ship afloat. But what if they’re keeping you from something better? What are you losing from saying yes to lesser things? What are you really being called to?

Life calling is the focus I’m running after. So, this year, you’ll see more life calling programs and less of other stuff. Thanks to the lessons learned in last year’s beta version of the Life Calling Institute, we’ll soon open the Life Calling Class:

  • All-new video lessons
  • Live community events
  • Life calling assessment platform
  • Coaching from our trained and certified coaches

So, here’s the change—roll out more programs in different forms to help people find their life calling so they can live with more purpose, passion, and power.

It’s going to be a great year. What changes are you making?

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