Do You Know Why Christ Is Supreme? [Bookmark Download]

christ Oct 04, 2022

I woke up one morning while it was still dark and looked at the clock. I couldn’t believe my eyes–1:45 AM! I had been asleep for only a few hours, but I felt wide awake. So I went downstairs. I picked up my Bible and opened it to where I had left off in Colossians. I’d read Colossians many times before, but it suddenly took on new life. I saw new wonders, and they brought me into a new glory with Christ.

Here's what I saw: Colossians 1:15-20 provides 12 reasons why Christ deserves first place. It’s one thing to say Christ is supreme; it’s another to understand why. Although it must be hard for an ant to grasp the size of a whale, sometimes the ant still wants to try. Although it’s hard to grasp the supremacy of Christ, it’s still worth the effort.

That’s what these 12 reasons do. According to this passage in Colossians:

  1. Christ is the image of the invisible God.
  2. Christ is the firstborn over all creation.
  3. Christ is the creator of everything.
  4. Christ is the focus of creation.
  5. Christ is before all things.
  6. Christ holds all things together.
  7. Christ is the head of the Church.
  8. Christ is the beginning and firstborn from among the dead.
  9. Christ will have first place in everything.
  10. Christ is the fullness of God.
  11. Christ reconciles everything to God.
  12. Christ makes peace by his shed blood on the cross.

Any one of these statements is reason enough to honor Christ as King. For example, Christ holds all things together. If not for his supreme, sustaining power, we might all spin out of control—cells falling apart, natural laws revolting, planets flying into one another. We would not want to go one moment without the gentle yet firm hold of Jesus on the universe.

But here are 12 grand reasons that define the supremacy of Christ! Here we see why Christ takes first place in everything—he’s the image of the unseen God, firstborn over all creation, creator of everything. Christ is not only the creator of everything but the focus of it as well; all that has been made is pointing—nose and hip and toetoward Christ the King.

Jesus is before all things, the head of the Church, and the beginning and firstborn from among the dead. He is the fullness of God himself. His every cell and word and heartbeat brims with the glory of the God.

From this supreme position in the universe, Christ goes into chief servant mode instead of sitting back and being served. He reconciles everything to God, so no one is left outside of God’s presence who doesn’t want to be. How did he do this? By his shed blood on the cross.

What a whale of a thing to do! What a King!

Now that we’ve shared these 12 reasons, you may want to use them in different ways. You may leave them as is and read the statements back to yourself regularly. Perhaps your view of Christ will expand as you remind yourself who he is and what he has done. Maybe the supremacy of Christ will take a heightened place in your life too.

Or you may turn the statements back to Christ. For example, instead of saying, “Christ is the image of the invisible God,” you can pray, “You are the image of the invisible God.” Speak these statements back to Christ. It’s a way to make Christ more personal as you tell him what is true of him. Surely, he already knows these truths about himself, but these words of praise and affirmation will become an anthem of supremacy—and change you in the process.

Or you could pause after each one and ponder what each means. As you think about Christ being the focus of creation, remember mountain peaks or flowing rivers you’ve visited. Think about the people you’ve adored—your favorite grandma and all your children too. Remember the pets you’ve loved and had to say goodbye to. Then remember that above them all, Jesus is the focus of creation.

Whether you say the statements about Christ, pray them to Christ, or wait for more details to fill in, all are ways to exalt Christ the King. You can repeat them during the day or retell them at night, but whenever you do, expect a great light.

We’ve created a bookmark with the 12 reasons that you can download:



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