12 Weeks to Your Life Calling

Live and recorded training, coaching, and community to clarify your calling

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12 Weeks to Your Life Calling

Live and recorded training, coaching, and community to clarify your calling

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“This is the vital components of life calling together in one place”
- Bryan
“I confirmed my own life calling”
- Binen
“The material gave me a clear and detailed perspective of my life calling”
- Daniel

Live Life As The Person You Were Born To Be

There’s a reason most “life calling” or “purpose” programs leave you with more questions and confusion than they do with answers and clarity…

…and why many Christians feel unsatisfied at the “self-centered” approach…

…and it’s for these exact reasons that our approach is different and effective

It’s built on a foundation where everything that’s done is Christ-Focused. As in 100%. It’s not just the words

And it’s hyper-successful for three reasons

Christ Focused

CLCI exists for Restless & Ready Christians who are seeking to find their true life calling. Everything you experience from your very first second in our CLCI family is Christ Focused - meaning you have a deeper, richer, more powerful experience.

PathwayU Assessment

Built by design to help you gain crystal-clear-clarity based on your interests, values, personality and preferences as a person.

From this foundation, you’ll progress faster as you’re able to focus only on the things that are essential to you.

Live, Professional Coaching

Receive effective small group coaching to help deepen & speed up your discovery of your life calling and add individual coaching as an option.

You’ll break through obstacles faster and gain clarity faster under the watchful eye of our CLCI Coaches.

You can attend class live or watch the class recording to fit your schedule. Class size is limited, but we allow ample space for restless and ready Christians to receive support, grow, and discover their true life calling

The culmination of the class is you creating your life calling statement.


What’s Included For You?

12 Weeks of Christ-Focused Classes
delivered live and online or via recording so you can focus on finding your life calling at your pace and schedule.
Small Group Coaching Twice A Month
to deepen your understanding of the journey you’re on, where you are, and what’s needed to take the next step.
Coaching by CLCI Coaches
to ensure you get professional coaching alongside students just like yourself.
PathwayU Assessment
to uncover possible pathways to your life calling based on Predictive Science Protocols.
Access to Class Recordings
for 3 months after class ends so you can integrate your learnings.
Access to 1:1 Coaching Sessions
as an add-on from CLCI coaches for when you’re looking for extra support.
Downloadable Learning Resources
for every topic you’ll cover to help you fully understand it and apply it to your life.
Private Messaging Channel
to communicate directly with our Founder Chris Heinz for even more support when you need it.
Private Facebook Group
to help you connect, relate, and participate in our private life calling community.

An Overview Of The CLCI Curriculum:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12

Take The Mystery Out Of Finding Your Life Calling

Understand yourself, connect with God, and focus on finding your life calling under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and CLCI expert coaches.


Find The PatTake The Mystery Out Of Finding Your Life Calling To Your Calling

Understand yourself and focus on the only essentials that matter when it comes to finding your life calling under the guidance of the CLCI expert coaches


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